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Company & Website Under Construction!

If you've visited the website before, well thank-you first off; secondly, if you manage to find anything new that you liked the change, please feel free in letting me know! We'd love as much feedback as we can get.

Oh how things can change a lot with little changes made in every aspect. I remember this landing page like it was yesterday. Classic view of the home page with the classic company logo. If you've managed to view this many months ago, I'm sorry. Website design is actually a hobby of mine, when I got the time!

Design & trends change daily which can be daunting to keep up with but I find time (some how) to desire my cravings of improving the website & company image.


I'm consistently thinking of the next best addition, kind of like renovating? Let's go over the overhaul together in a list:

  • Upgraded Logo - With the addition of new residential services, we needed the logo to reflect this. (Sort of)

  • Banner Menu - Along with the logo, we reflected the menu to match the new services Alpha Co. is providing. Clicking the trees will bring you to the new landing pages!

  • Adjusted Height of Page - People don't like scrolling to the depths of the Mariana's trench to get information, so we adjusted it for even greater user experience. You can thank us in the comments.

  • Call to Action - Instead of going to another page, scrolling all the way to the bottom or even hitting the Schedule button in the middle of the page, we've added a constant button to hit & users can now call right from our main page in 1 click/push.

Tell us what you like about the website or even what you don't? We're curious to find out what the public feedback is like! Thank-you for reading this bi-weekly blog.

Click the picture to schedule a free estimation!

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