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Sweet Dreams Foundation

Established January 21st, 2024.


Alpha Co. is consistently giving back to the community & now we have a monthly re-occurring generosity. Every month we will be painting a child's room who is in a low-income family.

To start it off right, we painted 2 families rooms. We believe by doing so will inspire the potential leaders of tomorrow to give back to the community in their future endeavors.


Sparking creativity, positivity & opportunity.

View the Sweet Dreams gallery


Become a Sweet Dreamer family!

Lawns for Lives

Established in 2023.


Another re-occurring liberality is Lawns for Lives.

Local heroes like healthcare workers & firefighters take on a huge responsibility & risk each day. To take a load off of their shoulders we raffle a lawn to cut & care after for our heroes.

Giving them more time for what really matters; family.

If you are a healthcare professional and/or a firefighter,

Sign-up for the registry! 

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